At Lucky Lilac, we're so incredibly passionate about empowering individuals to embrace their divine beauty - creating images that inspire self-love, evoke emotion and ignite confidence for every client that walks through our door. We’ll help you release those insecurities to discover the beauty you've always had, while being there to guide you every step of the way.

You are FIERCE. 
You are FIRE.

Let me show you how

your story is


As someone who has suffered my whole life with anxiety, body dysmorphia and depression, I understand what it's like to see your reflection in the mirror and feel like the person staring back at you is a complete stranger. When I started this boudoir journey, I knew how incredible it felt to be helping people to see their true beauty, but never did I imagine that it would turn into the stepping stones I needed in my own life to finally see my own worth. To start to love myself as I am, and not only when I lose those extra pounds, because those extra pounds lost don't ever actually make you happy. When you start to see your true beauty that you were born with, you start to appreciate who you are as a person every single day. No matter the number on the scale, the color of your skin, the freckles, the laugh lines, the stretch marks or the cellulite. You are gorgeous because you are YOU, and you're the only one of you in the whole world. 

I'm going to be honest here. Can one boudoir session fix all of your problems? No. This doesn't happen overnight. It takes work and dedication. It takes waking up in the morning and dancing in front of a mirror to a kickass song and appreciating what your body does for you. Little by little you WILL start to believe it. But, what a boudoir session CAN do for you under the right circumstances with an experienced photographer, is give you that stepping stone that you needed to start your self-love journey.  

And babe, that's where I come in. 


With a passion for ice cream and making people feel downright badass

Owner and lead photographer

About Erin

Boudoir is an intimate, personal experience in which you should feel absolutely and completely comfortable with every single step of the process. This starts with a scheduled consult call where we will get to know each other and design the perfect experience for YOU. You are unique, and should always be treated as such. 

simply book a call with me to get started!

Let's Do It!

Lock in your date

This non-refundable session retainer will lock in your date with Lucky Lilac. It will also cover your professional hair and makeup that is included with every session, access to my client closet of lingerie options in sizes ranging from XS-4XL, private studio time, and one-on-one consultations both pre, during, and post session. 

There is a $350 session retainer due at the time of booking.

the Big Day

You'll arrive to the studio in comfy clothes where we will begin with our fabulous, licensed esthetician for your hair and makeup. You are welcome to request any fun and daring makeup looks you've been dying to try! Makeup includes any styles from classic and natural to full glam, lashes included. 

the day has arrived and it's time to unleash that inner goddess that's been dying to get out!

The Big Reveal

I will go home and work on editing your amazing gallery. Typical timeframe is between 2-4 weeks. We will schedule a reveal appointment preferably in-person where we will go through your gallery and make your image selections! This is where we decide exactly what goes into your album, and figure out if we want any additional prints or products. 

At the end of our session, we will schedule a reveal appointment

Album Ordering

Once you have made your image selection, I will then design a customized album just for you, based on your chosen package. I will send you the image proofs to approve of the layout, then we go to print! My albums are hand made by an amazing company with a female-only production line. Your images are personal and intimate and it's incredibly important to me that they are always handled in a professional and discreet manor. Once sent to production, it will then take 2-4 weeks to have your amazing products delivered!

This is the exciting part!






About My Process

the process

I'm ready to book!




"Erin is one of the most exceptional people I've met. I had the pleasure of doing a boudoir session with her, and as a plus size person I was definitely nervous at first, but she made me feel super comfortable. I've always believed that the things you can't see are the things that have the most power to hurt you, and so seeing my body in this way has been very important to me in my body-love journey. When I saw the final images, I honestly cried tears of joy. I was so surprised by how empowered and beautiful I felt. I couldn't stop smiling! All of which is a testament both to her as a person, but also to her skill as a photographer."

"Before meeting Erin, I had never had my picture professionally taken nor am I comfortable taking pictures in general. I decided to do a boudoir shoot for my 30th birthday and from the first time I spoke with her, I knew she was the photographer I needed- someone excited, artistic, and made me feel comfortable. Erin chose the most beautiful place for the photoshoot, she listened to exactly what I envisioned and knocked it out of the park. For someone who was always so self conscience about my physical appearance, Erin’s positive and uplifting attitude not only made me feel comfortable but made me realize I was beautiful too. She is a beautiful artist and incredible person- she was made do this work and I’m so grateful to have met her and did this with her. Make your appointment NOW! You will be so happy you did- oh did I mention my pictures are STUNNING, I’ll cherish them and this experience forever. Thank you, thank you, I will be back for more!!!!"

"I was not someone who initially thought doing a boudoir photoshoot for my wedding was something I would be doing, but then with time, research and talking to the right person (aka Erin) I decided to go for it, and am so happy that I did. It started as something as I wanted to do as a gift for my future husband, but turned into something that was as equally for me & my confidence! Erin went above any beyond to make me feel comfortable, ease me in, work through poses with me, and just make the entire experience better than I thought it could be (added bonus of snacks, water + coffee for the day of shooting!). She is so creative with her ideas for shots and works through everything with you that day. She cares so much about empowering women and has such passion for her work, it truly shows throughout her process and in the final product. I cannot say enough good things about Erin and my experience with her, and cannot recommend her enough!"

Love Notes

+ Exceptional quality albums, handmade by a female-only production team
+ Cover options including genuine and vegan leathers, suede, velvet, sparkles and more
+ Optional personalized ICE cover included in select packages
+ Lay-flat design eliminates the middle crease, allowing for full-length image layouts

Unique and customizable

Premium Albums

The Goods

+ Gorgeous acrylic covers that showcase your work of art
+ Can be used with album and presentation box covers
+ Optional personalized engraving included in select packages

ICE cover options are included in select packages

ICE Covers

+ The Ice Cube is a 1" thick acrylic display block with a metallic image face mounted to the backside
+ This gives an amazing visual effect - ideal for a desk or display cabinet

Included in select packages

ICE Cube

Session fee includes:

Pre-shoot consultation to discuss visions and goals

Professional hair, makeup, and overall pampering

Wardrobe and styling advice

In-depth image retouching

Access to my client closet with outfit options ranging from XXS-4XL


Albums starting at $1500

Collections including bonus sets and digital images starting at $2800

The Lucky Lilac Experience

Your Investment

Grab your date!

Let's get you scheduled and unlock your inner Goddess that's been dying to get out!

Ready to Feel Like A Badass?!

Here's a secret... No one does! Everyone who schedules a boudoir session starts off being nervous and unsure of what they're walking into, I promise! That's where I come in. It's MY job to guide you and make you feel comfortable and amazing. All you have to do is show up, be pampered by my incredible makeup artist, slip into something that makes you feel strong and sexy, and let me do the rest.

This is YOUR session! I will NEVER make you do something you are uncomfortable with. I will always recommend we start a session with the outfit you're most comfortable in. Then I like to play around with blankets and pillows so you feel less exposed. Then we see where the session takes us! Usually, by this point, the nerves start to ease up, you hear the awesome music playing, and you just embrace the love. I will even show you some photos on my camera as we go so you can see how incredible you're doing. You will never be rushed or pressured into ANYTHING.

ABSOLUTELY. I will never break privacy agreements. I have multiple levels of model release forms. Some of my clients don't want any photos to be shared, and they stay 100% private. Some clients are okay with me sharing some of their photos, but want to chose which ones. And some clients are so excited to share their images that they post them themselves for a brag thread! Each one of these choices is 100% valid. I also use a professional print lab that specializes in boudoir products, so if you decide to purchase prints or albums, you know it will only be professionals handling your intimate photos, and not "Joe" from Walgreens!

I've got you covered there too! You will have access to my client closet of over 60 different options in sizes ranging from XS-4XL. While I always recommend bringing one or two outfits you feel comfortable in as a backup, you'll always have options no matter what! 

Absolutely! Couples sessions can be incredibly amazing, and act as a sexy bonding experience. I LOVE when some of my clients tell me how much their partners loved the photos and want to book another session together!